The Longest Date

They say that the greatest journey of your life is still ahead of you. Apply to be a contestant in SABC 3’s latest dating reality show for an adventure like no other, and stand the chance to win up to R100 000.


Are you ready to go on the biggest adventure of your life?  
The ultimate blind date?

The Longest Date is back! So get ready for the most high-octane, extreme dating competition on TV. We’re looking for 16 adventurous singles to take on an epic journey.

A journey to face their fears in gruelling challenges and ultimately a journey to find love and win R100 000.

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, it’s time you tried out for The Longest Date. Take a leap of faith and Sign up now.

If you think adventure is dangerous…try dating.

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If you’re looking for love or adventure, or both, apply to be a contestant by completing the following application form.







If you’re looking for love or adventure, or both, apply to be a contestant by completing the following application form.

All applicants acknowledge that they have read, understand and will comply with all of the following eligibility requirements ("Eligibility") of "The Longest Date” (the "Program") in order to proceed with the application process.
1. Employees, officers, directors and agents of Brandgen (PTY) Ltd. ("Producer") and South African Broadcasting Corporation SOC Ltd, are not eligible to be the Singles on "The Longest Date” or to participate in this application process. In addition, any applicant closely acquainted with any person connected with the production or administration or exhibition of the Program is not eligible if, in Producer's sole discretion, the person's participation could create the appearance of impropriety.
2. All applicants must be South African citizens or legal South African residents. If you’re not a South African resident, you must have a work permit and a Passport to be eligible.
3. Age of applicants must be at least 23.
4. All applicants must be single. To qualify as "single" the applicant must not currently be involved in a committed intimate relationship, which includes: any marital relationship (whether or not the parties are separated or currently in the process of divorcing or annulling such marriage); any co-habitation relationship involving physical intimacy.
5. Applicants must free from any criminal record, which the Entrant permits the Producer to independently confirm.
6. Applicants must be a holder of a valid South African driver’s licence. 
7. Applicants must be able swimmers capable of comfortably swimming in both river and/or swimming pool environments.  
8. Applicants must be legally able to take part in The Longest Date.
9. Applicants must be available to travel and film on location between 7 March 2021 and 25 March 2021, and thereabouts.
10. When requested to do so by the Producer, you must provide the Producer with:
• a written confirmation that you comply with each of these Rules;
• a recent head and shoulders colour photograph of yourself; 
• a recent full length colour photograph of yourself; and
• a one (1) page motivational explanation of why you could be a great reality television show contestant. 
11. All applicants understand and acknowledge that participation in the Program, including, without limitation, the activities and events arranged by the Program coordinator, may expose applicant and other participants to the risk of death, serious injury, illness or disease and/or property damage. Applicants must be willing and able to participate in physical activities such as: skydiving, rock climbing, abseiling, water skiing, and the like. Applicants must sign a release attesting to the fact that the applicant understands and knowingly and willingly agrees to assume such risks. Applicants understand that by submitting this participant application (the "Participant Application"), applicants acknowledge that they accept and assume all risks known or unknown of any nature (including, without limitation, the foregoing) that may arise in any way from or relate to applicant's participation in the selection process for and/or participation in the Program.
12. Each applicant acknowledges, understands and agrees that Producer may disclose any information contained within or derived from his or her application to third persons connected with the Program and to compile information from third parties in connection with such application and the application process about applicant's private, personal and public life, personal relationships with third persons, confidences and secrets with family, friends, significant others, without limitation (collectively, "Personal Information"). Applicant acknowledges and agrees that Producer may reveal such Personal Information to third parties in the course of the application process and/or the Program and that Applicant releases, discharges, and holds harmless Companies (as defined below) from any and all claims and damages arising from such compilation or disclosure of Personal Information.
13. Each applicant acknowledges, understands and agrees that he or she, if chosen as a Single on the Program, may be audio and/or video taped twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week while participating in the Program by means of open and hidden cameras, whether or not he or she is then aware that he or she is being videotaped or recorded (collectively, "Recordings") and that such Recordings may be disseminated on television and/or all media now known or hereafter devised, in any and all manner throughout the Universe in perpetuity.
14. Applicants acknowledge, understand, and agree that Companies (as defined below) use or revelation of Personal Information and Recordings as defined in these Eligibility Requirements may be embarrassing, unfavourable, humiliating, and/or derogatory and/or may portray him or her in a false light. Each applicant agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless the Companies from any and all claims. Applicants are required to sign Releases to this effect. "Companies" as used herein shall collectively mean Brandgen (PTY) Ltd, South African Broadcasting Corporation SOC Ltd, and each of their respective employees, officers, directors and agents.
15. Each applicant acknowledges and agrees that he or she is not and will under no circumstances as a result of the submission of a Participant Application, participation in the selection process, participation in the Program, the use of the Personal Information or Recordings and/or the use of the applicant's name, voice, and/or likeness in connection with the Program, the promotion thereof in all media now known or hereafter devised or for any other reason in connection with his or her application and/or participation in the Program, become an employee or an independent contractor of the Producer and/or Companies and will not make any claims against Producer and/or Companies, including, without limitation, claims for compensation, derived from any allegation of status as an employee. Each applicant acknowledges and agrees that his or her relationship to Producer and/or Companies is and shall be limited solely to that of a grantor of rights.
16. All applicants who are selected as Semi-Finalists to be on "The Longest Date” must be available to travel to Johannesburg for further interviews. (Location and date to be determined and are subject to change in Producer's sole discretion).
17. Applicants warrant that they are in good health and of sound body and mind, and are willing to submit to a medical examination by the Producer’s chosen practitioner; 
18. Applicants shall treat all information and materials received or acquired about Producer, Companies, the selection process and/or the Program, as strictly confidential and shall not disclose or otherwise disseminate any such information to any third party.
19. Upon Producer's request, all selected Singles must agree to sign any additional releases or authorisations that Producer, in its sole discretion, deems necessary.
20. Applicants understand and agree that the Eligibility Requirements may be changed, modified, or amended by Producer in its sole discretion from time to time.
21. You may be contacted by the Promoter to confirm that you do/will comply with these requirements and that you will provide the further information/documentation requested.  If you are contacted in this way it does not mean that you have been selected as a Single.







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